List of some of our Fresh Fruits

Fresh Apples
Fresh Apricots
Fresh Asparagus
Fresh Avocados
Fresh Bananas
Fresh Berries
Fresh Broccoli
Fresh Burdock
Fresh Cabbages
Fresh Carrots
Fresh Cassava
Fresh Cauliflower
Fresh Celery Cabbage
Fresh Cherries
Fresh Citrus Fruit
Fresh Coconuts
Fresh Cucumber
Fresh Dates
Fresh Dragon Fruit
Fresh Durians
Fresh Eggplant
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Ginger
Fresh Grapes
Fresh Guava
Fresh honey pomelo
Fresh Kiwi Fruit
Fresh Lemons
Fresh Mangos
Fresh Mangosteen
Fresh Melons
Fresh Okra
Fresh Olives
Fresh Onions
Fresh Oranges
Fresh Papaya
Fresh Peaches
Fresh Pears
Fresh Pineapples
Fresh Plums
Fresh Pomegranates
Fresh Potatoes
Fresh Pumpkin Fresh Radish
Fresh Scallion
Fresh Sweet Potatoes
Fresh Taro
Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Water Melons.

Why do business with Us

Its this founding principle that has helped our organisation as well as our clients become a defining force in the industry.


24/7 availality

We work from Monday to Friday and we can assist during the weekend.


Trained Staff

We have professional staff who are always undergoing training.


No Hidden cost

Our prices are affordable and there are no hidden costs.


Affordable prices

Our prices have different range based on quantity.


Clean Brand

We deal mostly with organic brands for quality products.


Year Round Sevice

We work all year round because of the availability of staff rotation.